Crafts in Ardèche

A selection of shops in Ardèche with descriptions, addresses, etc. Click on the name of the shop or the photograph for more details.

Interior decorator

Created in 2002 and based near to Aubenas, Ardeche, Ghiotto Décoration is a fast-growing company in the field of interior decoration.

Manufacturer of chestnut

The Ardéchoise proposes tasting its traditional specialties with chestnut, including the famous chestnut cream, in his store at Largentière.

Signs, impressions

Ardèche artists

Original creations of contemporary lace, from the traditional art of lace from Le Puy en Velay. Different colors and materials are available: silk, linen, synthetic, but also brass wire, plastic wire.
AZARTS exists to promote artists based in Ardeche.  It joined forces with AZ' ARTS, an artists association, to show their work on this virtual gallery.

Building Artisans


Master ice-cream maker

The Beatrix ice cream parlour in the middle of Vals Les Bains is a perfect example of the best in handmade ice creams, a vision of craftsmanship with all the savours of the Ardèche.